Kelly Harteveld

Member since 01/05/2019

Event Name

United Airlines NYC Half

Event Type

Half Marathon

Event Date

Sunday, March 17, 2019

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Event Description

United Airlines NYC Half!

The 2019 United Airlines NYC Half will take runners from around the city and the globe on a 13.1-mile tour of NYC.

Honor Roll

Brenda Kolibas $25.00 In Honor Of Kelly Harteveld
Denise Marra $50.00 In Honor Of Kelly Harteveld - Go Kelly!!
Sue Willemann $25.00
Shannon Dolan $50.00
Leigh McMullen $30.00 In Honor Of Kelly!
Tracy Keller $50.00
Geraldine Passano $50.00
Natalie Rivera $250.00
Nicole McEnery $20.00
Monique Wiatrak $20.00
Claire Chae $60.00
Erin Kirwan $50.00 In Honor Of Go Kelly!
Christina Menken $100.00
Vivian Tindall $50.00 In Honor Of Trixie. GO MOM. Kelly Harteveld
Allison Harteveld $50.00
Lori Herman $50.00 In Honor Of Kelly Harteveld
Sarah Cannon $50.00
adrienne phillips $100.00 In Honor Of Go Kelly!
Michele Loskant $100.00
Chrissy Goodelman $25.00 In Honor Of Kelly Harteveld
Sara Mazin $50.00
Amy Perna $50.00
Anonymous $25.00
Renee Stefanacci $50.00
Anonymous $40.00
Sue Pernetti $50.00
Jen Pane $50.00
Lauren Kavanagh $50.00
Lynda Cipolla $50.00 In Honor Of You go girl!!!!! Get ur run on!!!!

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