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Miller raised $535.00 for The Foundation For Tomorrow at Black Panther Screening on 3/3/2018

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I am raising funds for a Black Panther screening for the TFFT scholars in Arusha. This is a hugely impactful and timely film, challenging stereotypes with its subversive concept and script, marking a major milestone and revolutionary step in the way Africans are portrayed on the big screen. Tanzanian children are constantly inculcated on a daily basis with the historical but persistent narrative of the failings and supposed shortcomings of Africa. These images create false binaries in these students' minds about their academic potential as well as their character when competing on a global stage and engaging with Western peers. This legacy can be detrimental as it serves as a barrier throughout the learning process. The Black Panther movie, while fictional, helps to counter this in a way that is both inspiring and engaging for children. Please donate so that our scholars can see the positive images reflected in the film.



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