Tatiana Alicea

Member since 12/07/2018

Event Name

2022 United Airlines NYC Half

Event Type

Half Marathon

Event Date

Sunday, March 20, 2022

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Current Donations total $385.00

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Hello and welcome to my fundraising page! My name is Tatiana and I’m a mother, wife, nurse, and runner. I will be running this March in the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon and I’ll be raising money for The Foundation For Tomorrow while I run 13.1. TFFT works to ensure vulnerable children in Tanzania have access to high quality education, healthcare, and everything they need to succeed. TFFT also works to empower educators and gives them the tools they need to teach effectively. I’m so excited to be a Team TFFT athlete. Please, help me on my fundraising journey and donate what you can to this phenomenal organization!

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Event Description

2022 United Airlines NYC Half!

The 2022 United Airlines NYC Half will take runners from around the city and the globe on a 13.1-mile tour of NYC.

Honor Roll

JoAnn Lee $25.00
Marianne Delgado $10.00
Kirsten Spencer $10.00
Victoria Molina $20.00
Spencer Bartender $5.00
Anonymous $10.00
Lena Santana $25.00 In Honor Of Lena
Sam Willett $10.00
Anonymous $25.00
Allie V $20.00
Beth Haft $25.00
Zachary Darneille $100.00

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