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Caiti raised $1,520.00 for The Foundation For Tomorrow at Chicago Marathon on 10/7/2018

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In 2017, I ran the Chicago marathon completely for myself. It was my first marathon, and I only told a handful of people that I planned to run it because I was terrified that I wouldn't finish (and then feel all the shame in the world). But...I loved it!! Now it's time for race 2.0, and I will run each of those 26.2 miles for a reason. Team TFFT combines a few of my favorite things in an incredibly inspiring way. I have always loved school, working with kids, and running. The Foundation For Tomorrow's mission inspires me to contribute what I can to make quality education accessible to all children. I'm pumped to run the 2018 Chicago Marathon with the TFFT Scholars - past, present, and future - in mind. Who's with me?!



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