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2021 Bank Of America Chicago Marathon

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Sunday, October 10, 2021 - Friday, December 31, 2021

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For a handful of years now, running has been one of my passions. It has introduced me to some pretty stellar people and pushed me to far surpass goals I never even anticipated to reach. I ran my first marathon in Chicago in 2017 and loved it so much that I decided to run again. I can't wait to try for marathon number four in 2020! Team TFFT combines a few of my favorite things in an incredibly inspiring way. I have always loved school, working with kids, and running. The Foundation For Tomorrow's mission inspires me to contribute what I can to make quality education accessible to all children. I'm thrilled to run the Chicago Marathon with the TFFT Scholars - past, present, and future - in mind. Who's with me?!

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2021 Bank Of America Chicago Marathon!

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is known for its flat and fast course. The race starts and finishes in Grant Park. The course has produced four world records, several national records and countless personal bests. Runners enjoy the support of 1.7 million spectators as they run through 29 neighborhoods with plenty of views of Lake Michigan.

Honor Roll

Melanie Kreiter $20.00 In Honor Of New BFF
madeline boatwright $30.00 In Honor Of get it, gurl! heeeepwah!
Gracie Iberle $50.00
franceen kengott $25.00 In Honor Of caiti kengott
Gabriele Strohschen $50.00 In Honor Of Caiti Kengott
Tara Condren $40.00
Nathan Harvey $100.00
Sean Robinson $90.00 In Honor Of Gingers United
Jack Pierce $25.00
Anonymous $26.20
Sarah Meyers $50.00 In Honor Of Cati
Adelana Gladstein $20.00
Jenifer Pritchard $15.00
Steven David $15.00
Chloe Ott $50.00
Jason Garlanger $100.00 In Honor Of Caiti
Parker Jordan $5.00 In Honor Of Caiti!
Melanie Kreiter $20.00 In Honor Of New BFF
Mark Kengott $200.00 In Honor Of Caiti Kengott: go Caiti!!
Anonymous $25.00
Larry Kengott $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $20.00
Ann Hempen $100.00
madeline boatwright $20.00 In Honor Of get it, gurl! heeeepwah!
Anonymous $50.00
Hannah Anderson $100.00
Annie Conlisk $50.00
Mark & Mary Goetz $100.00
Lynnea Pearson $100.00
Brooke Green $40.00
Caileigh Kengott $40.00
Lisa Raher $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $25.00 In Honor Of COVID-19 Emergency Relief Packet Match!
Anonymous $175.00

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