Kayleigh Macchirole

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2021 TCS New York City Marathon

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Sunday, November 1, 2020 - Friday, December 31, 2021

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2020 NYC Marathon has reached $33,322.58 of its $34,000.00 goal

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In 2016 I had the privilege to get involved with TFFT and participate in RideTZ 2016. I got to visit the beautiful country of Tanzania. Not only did I get to tour the country by biking 400 miles from Kili to the coast, I was also able to witness first hand all of the amazing work that The Foundation for Tomorrow does. I loved Tanzania and TFFT's mission and traveled back in 2019 to climb MT Kilimanjaro with them. I am excited to be joining TeamTFFT again in their mission to provide quality education for the children of Tanzania by joining their team for the 2021 New York City Marathon!

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Event Description

2021 TCS New York City Marathon !

The TCS New York City Marathon, the premier event of New York Road Runners, is held on the first Sunday in November and runs through the five boroughs of New York. The Marathon has grown from a Central Park race with 55 finishers to the world's biggest and most popular marathon, with more than 52,000 finishers in 2018.

Honor Roll

Amanda Mercurio $20.00
Jessie & Scott Bennett $500.00
Kevin Flynn $75.00
Joe Gentile $250.00
Anonymous $50.00
Doug Cabral $100.00
Tom & Sue Scalia $50.00 In Honor Of Kayleigh Macchirole
Delaney Macchirole $200.00 In Honor Of Serena
Colin Hickey $50.00
james hinsch $100.00
David Halbert $200.00 In Honor Of Those that cannot run❤️
T.D Byrnes $50.00 In Honor Of MOON WALKING
Max Mohrmann $25.00 In Honor Of Emmet Sullivan III
Lauren Woodhull $50.00
Taylor May $50.00
David Halbert $200.00 In Honor Of Those that cannot run❤️
Anonymous $50.00
Barbara Woodhull $100.00
Jonathan Tibbet $300.00
Joe Gentile $200.00
Wayne Sailor $100.00
Ryan Farrell $100.00 In Honor Of Emmit Sullivan III
Thomas Byrnes $100.00
Greenport Jerky $200.00
Carolyn Macchirole $100.00
Lauren Gatto $25.00
Victoria Spector $50.00 In Honor Of RoomiesForLife
Brittany Benediktsson $20.00
Cassidy Bertolas $20.00
Cole DiGregorio $30.00
Ethan Schmidt $75.00 In Honor Of Running fast
Jack Pelan $200.00 In Honor Of U better win!!!!!!!

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