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Meghann raised $6,423.18 for The Foundation For Tomorrow at TCS New York City Marathon on 11/3/2019

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November 3rd I get the opportunity to run the famed TCS NYC Marathon. By now if you’ve followed along, you know how I like to use sport as a conduit to advocate for education for the most vulnerable of society through The Foundation For Tomorrow’s (TFFT) work. My drive and my passion is quality education for all children. I am committed to making this possible in my lifetime. TFFT invests in teachers and students because we know education is the most powerful tool to transform lives. 📚🏃🏻‍♀️🌍 #facesoftfft #istandwithtfft #educationispower #tanzania #newyorkmarathon #tcsnycmarathon #servicethroughsport

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