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Meghann raised $12,295.09 for The Foundation For Tomorrow at Kilimanjaro Half Marathon 2018 on 3/4/2018

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March 4th I will run (for the 9th year in a row) the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon. You all know that I see value in putting myself through a bit of pain to benefit others. My drive and my passion is quality education for all children. I am committed to make this possible in my lifetime. My energy has been to do this for those children most vulnerable living in Tanzania through The Foundation For Tomorrow's work. 🌍 Each year I ask my friends to get behind this and support TFFT’s work. I use the half marathon as a fundraiser for TFFT, an organization committed to providing access to quality education for the most vulnerable of society. We invest in teachers and students because we know education is the most powerful tool to transform lives. 📚 I think you all know me as a lover of running, as much as you know my husband as a great football player. While our choice of sport is vastly different, we do have one thing in common... A LOT OF HAIR. 🏈🏃🏻‍♀️ For those who know Jason, you know his hair is always perfect. I still don't understand how he does it and how it doesn't ever move. I know he refuses to use a brush, and is very particular about who cuts his hair and how. We are both competitive by nature, and when he said if I get to my $5,000 goal from our friends, he will match it I thought...hmmm... but if I get to $10,000 without your match, would you shave your beautiful head of hair? I mean, that could be some motivation for is for the TFFT scholars and teachers after all! And so the quest begins for the 2018 Kilimanjaro Half Marathon Fundraiser. Please join this effort with me...whether it is because you want to see Jason's head of hair shaved to a stubble with a #1 guard, or you believe the power of education can transform lives, and believe my kids in Tanzania deserve the opportunity of a quality education! Either way, I would love your help, so join the fun! ✂️ #facesoftfft #istandwithtfft #educationispower #tanzania #kilimarathon #kilimanjaromarathon #servicethroughsport

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