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Richard raised $1,190.00 for The Foundation For Tomorrow at Share the Love on 1/14/2019

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My name is Richard Augustino Pallangyo and I am a TFFT alum. I am currently a student at Seattle University studying Computer Science. I first joined TFFT as a scholar in 2008. TFFT and my sponsors have impacted my life in a special way, and now I want to provide opportunity for others like me through Share the Love. I am in the United States because of the opportunities TFFT provided me with, all of which contributed to the person I am today. Before joining TFFT, I could not imagine myself pursuing the dreams I have today. I have grown to believe that making the world a better place is one of my biggest purpose in life. I would love to see other TFFT scholars have their life changed in the same positive way, to be able to access opportunities that will enable them to tap fully into their potential, and use their success to improve their communities. Through TFFT, I was able to meet a wonderful family in Seattle that is helping me pursue a college degree in the US. TFFT and my sponsors continue to share their love to see me grow, and now I am doing this campaign to pass it forward. My hope is that other TFFT scholars are able to expand and achieve their dreams too. Please join me!!!

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