In the month left before RIDETZ takes off, we will continue to introduce the wonderful, enthusiastic people who make up 2016’s team of adventurers. This way, you can learn about the riders before they leave, and then you can follow along on our blog for updates on their journeys as we post throughout the ride! They take off on June 18th for this once in a lifetime experience. Today, we are thrilled to introduce first-time rider and dedicated supporter of TFFT, Alex Slater!


I learned about The Foundation For Tomorrow through Denise McFadden, a colleague from work who supports the foundation. Her passion for the cause, its scholars, and aims are truly infectious, and it was great to hear about Mama Denisa’s travels to Tanzania and the latest news on the children and how they were doing at school.

Denise participated in RIDETZ a few years ago and when I heard about it, I thought that would be a great experience for a great cause and leapt at the chance to participate in RIDETZ 2016. My signing up also spurred Denise into signing up for the ride! To participate in RIDETZ is a real honor and my wife, Gill, and I decided to have the ride as a substitute for gifts at our wedding in August 2015. Unfortunately, Gill cannot participate this year, but I will be riding for the two of us!!

As mentioned, I used to work with Denise, but I am currently between jobs and so I have plenty of time to train by moving earth in the garden from one place to another! RIDETZ has given me a goal to work towards and will be my first ever ride for a cause. I had not ridden a bike for 6 years before I started to train for RIDETZ and now I am spinning at least 3 times a week and cycling on a local off road red run at the weekends.



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