RIDETZ takes off in just three weeks!! We have a handful more wonderful, enthusiastic people to introduce who complete 2016’s team of adventurers. Learn about all of the riders before they leave, and then make sure to follow along on our blog for updates on the journey as we post throughout the trip! They take off on June 18th for this once in a lifetime experience. Today, we are thrilled to introduce first-time rider and dedicated supporter of TFFT, Lexi Bohonnon!


Where are you from?

Madison, CT, but I live in Manhattan.

What do you do for work?

I work for a tech company called Yext. We are the leader in digital location management, providing software and solutions that help business leverage location-based technologies. I work with our Financial Services clients and am constantly on the road!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Work! No, just kidding (sort of…) I played soccer in college and after graduating needed something to fill the void, so I got into triathlons. I find I constantly need a goal to keep me in check, probably from years of regimented schedules growing up. I’ve done a bunch of triathlons and marathons, but last summer completed one of my big bucket lists goals, my first full Ironman in Lake Placid, NY. When it’s not tri/marathon season, you can find me skiing ☺.


Who is your inspiration in life?

My grandmothers, the late Minnie Bohonnon, and the fiercely independent, still driving, tennis playing Barbara Boucher, who lives in Denver today. The two most badass ladies in the world – both incredibly unique in their own ways, but insanely similar in others. Its from both of them that I picked up my will to win, whatever it takes. Their independence, strength, value for education and love of ALL sports shaped my parents and now me into who I am today.

How did you hear about RIDETZ?

My incredible freshman year college roommate, Kaitlin Rogers! We survived the ups and downs of college year 1 together and I’ve been inspired by her drive, passion and commitment to everything she does in life ever since. It’s an honor for me to be able to join RIDETZ this year and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to support such an incredible cause.


What inspired you to ride this June?

Honestly, Kaitlin Rogers. Education is an invaluable investment and there are so many ways to pay back the great fortune I’ve had in my life and the opportunities I’ve been given. But the passion and dedication Kaitlin and the team have committed all of these years has been the driving force and inspiration for me.

Are you celebrating any milestone with RIDETZ?

Disconnecting entirely from the world for the first time I can ever remember and spending time with such an amazing and inspiring group!

What is your favorite place to ride? (Besides Tanzania, of course!)

Lot of favorites, but most memories (best and worst) Lake Placid, NY.   


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