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Adventure International (AI) designs unique journeys to the world’s most extraordinary places, tailored from the knowledge of true adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in one of AI’s challenging and engaging adventures and experience the thrill of remote landscapes and new cultures. AI is committed to providing a wide range of unforgettable travel experiences, from observing a pride of lions on safari in Africa to biking the back roads of vineyards in Argentina or reaching the summit of the world's tallest peaks.

AKE LINDSTROM has spent most of his life in Sudan and Tanzania after being born in Kenya and educated in the UK. He is one of East Africa’s most knowledgeable and innovative guides. After many years working with award-winning tourism companies, Ake founded what has quickly become one of the best mountain climbing outfitters in East Africa. He can often be found guiding mountain expeditions, exploring remote wilderness areas on foot, or biking to unexplored places. 

His ability to pioneer and execute new adventures for all types of travelers, from enthusiastic beginners to highly-skilled adventure seekers, brings a wealth of invaluable experience to Adventure International’s programs. 

Ake has successfully climbed and guided many peaks including Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya, and Cotopaxi to name just a few. With Ake leading your trek, climb or safari, you are sure to become fast friends and will be planning your next adventure!

Image is Found

Nate and Jaclyn Kaiser of The Image Is Found believe the greatest memories are made one simple, heartfelt moment at a time. Their passion is to document these moments for their own family as well as the hundreds of clients who have invited them into theirs. Every photograph they make is a piece of a bigger story, crafted with legacy in mind, from their heart to yours. Nate has traveled to Tanzania to document TFFT's work and the RIDETZ adventure since 2014. His artful vision, enthusiasm for biking and adventure, and genuine joy of a personality make him an essential part of the RIDETZ experience. http://www.theimageisfound.com/ridetz/


Halle Project partners with organizations and creates media to bring awareness and help push forth the work that they are doing. Tyler Wohlford has traveled to Tanzania to document TFFT's work since 2014, and in 2016 he joined to work his magic documenting the RIDETZ experience. Tyler has an incredible way of putting people at ease in front of the camera and capturing the true essence of his subject matter. He crafted both films you see on this website.  http://www.halleproject.com/index#/ridetz/


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