Day 1: Arusha / Arrival

On arrival you are transferred to your lodge. There is time to meet some of the team for those arriving in the morning or afternoon.

Overnight Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge (dinner)


Day 2 & 3: Arusha

There are 2 full days of site visits & programming with TFFT. We will also have a comprehensive trip briefing, bike fitting, and practice ride.

Overnight Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 4: Arusha to Maji Moto (day one of riding)

From our lodge we ride on towards the Maasai steppe with a picnic lunch on route. The final section in the afternoon leads us to a camp near a spring. The riding is around 4 to 5 hours.

Ride distance: 45km

Overnight Maji Moto Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 5: Maji Moto to Nyumba Ya Mungu

Early breakfast to fuel up and a relatively early start are essential. We set off through bush on dirt tracks and the pace varies according to the terrain. Lunch is taken in the heat of the day and then afternoon is back on our bikes. In the late afternoon, we arrive in camp to re-hydrate and refuel our bodies. 

Ride distance: 65km

Overnight Wilderness Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 

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Day 6: Nyumba Ya Mungu to Plains 1

The routine starts to become apparent now and we are soon riding away from Nyumba ya Munga, a massive dam. The road now follows the Pangani River valley, along the very same trails of early explorers and slavers alike. In the late evening, we head into our camp near an ancient hill or inselberg.

Ride distance: 70km

Overnight Wilderness Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 7: Plains 1 to Plains 2

The route continues down the Pangani River valley and on the left is a distinct mountain range. These are part of the 'Eastern Arc' mountains which are a biodiversity hotspot, veritable islands that have enabled endemic species to flourish over millennia. The going today is relatively easy but patience and determination are good tools to have! We rest in the heat of the day and then cycle into camp in the late afternoon.

Ride distance: 64km

Overnight Wilderness Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 8: Plains 2 to Plains 3

Our final Pangani River section. We push on down the Pangani River valley and make the most of the early, relatively cool hours and keep in tune with our bodies' water and food needs. At camp we assess all team members for the upcoming sections and retire early to bed.

Ride distance: 56km

Overnight Wilderness Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 9: Plains 3 to Irente

Today's section is a mix of both biking and hiking. We cross over the main Moshi - Dar road and then finish our cycling at the base of the Usambara mountains. Here we have a lunch break before hiking up the Usambara flanks into one of the most picturesque camps on this route. In the evening we take sundowners with views of the plains below.

Ride distance: 18km + 3km hike

Overnight Irente View Hotel (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 


 Day 10: Irente to Usambara Kati

In the morning there is a short visit to the local orphanage before we head off on a mixture of uphill and downhill sections as we cycle through the very heart of the Usambara Mountains. Farming is the main source of income here, and despite the ridiculous slopes, villages are found throughout the ridges where the locals farm mostly maize. We camp near a forest.

Ride distance: 56km

Overnight Wilderness Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 11: Usambara Kati to Mashewa

The downhill sections through the Usambaras are very steep. For those that are confident it is an adrenaline packed ride but never be shy to walk sections beyond your ability! We arrive at Mashewa, a trading junction at the base of the mountains, for dinner and overnight.

Ride distance: 52km

Overnight Wilderness Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 12: Mashewa to Manyoni

From Mashewa we cycle around the East Usambaras and Amani reserve. The roads are generally quite good but we have to be careful of some traffic today as these are significant arteries in the local road network to the coast.

Ride distance: 55km

Overnight Wilderness Camp (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


 Day 13: Manyoni to Pangani

The final section. Most of this day is downhill and we move from the cool to the humid coast. Pangani was the final point before slaves and ivory were shipped out on the Swahili dhows to the wider world. In the late afternoon, we arrive into Pangani and head to the beach to our beach lodge accommodation for a grand finale beach barbeque and party.

Ride distance: 61km

Overnight Mkoma Bay Tented Lodge (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Day 14: Pangani to Dar/Arusha

After the ride, you will need to travel back to Arusha to fly home from Kilimanjaro. Transport by van is included in the trip cost. Just bear in mind that this is a long road trip (up to 10 hours) after 10 days of riding. The other option is a short, one-hour flight from Pangani. Should you want to fly home from Dar es Salaam, that can also be coordinated with a short flight from Pangani to Dar. The cost of flights from Pangani are additional. You can fly home this night from Kilimanjaro Airport. If you stay the night, you are responsible for your accommodations.

(Breakfast only)



Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge

The Lodge has been adapted from an early colonial farmhouse built in the early 20th century and it is one of the oldest family lodges in Arusha. Ngare Sero has been providing personal service for its residents since 1974. The Garden rooms are nested in the tranquil gardens with private verandahs. Interiors are individually decorated with ethnic fabrics and handmade furniture like study tables and the ottoman sofas that on request can be used as a third single bed. Each room has an en-suite toilet, a bathtub and a dressing room.

Wilderness Camp

There are some nights that are spent in lodges and/or hotels, notably at the beginning and the end. It is important to note that most nights will be spent camping. Camp will be set up when we arrive at the end of each day of riding and taken down and moved by the Adventure International staff. That means that whilst we try to make this as comfortable as possible, water for showers will be limited to around 15 liters per person per day (where sufficient water is available). Toilets will be short drop style with a portable toilet seat and toilet tent.



Irente View Cliff Lodge

Irente View Cliff Lodge is situated right at the famous “Irente view point” of which many tourist and different people from different countries come to view the panoramic view of Maasai Steppe.

Mkoama Bay Tented Lodge 

Uniquely situated on Tanzania’s secluded mainland coast in Pangani, Mkoma Bay Tented Lodge offers exclusive tented bungalows in 6 acres of lush gardens overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Mkoma Bay Tented Lodge was built almost 20 years ago and distinguishes itself by offering accommodation in Tented Bungalows as you would expect to find them in the country’s many National Parks. Its lush green gardens overlooking the ocean is a unique highlight. The lodge offers private beach cove, fire-pit, and lounge-bar.



The basic routine is:

  1. Morning fuel up: carbohydrates with a mixture of other food and fruit.
  2. Daytime snacks: keep your energy levels up and replenish lost fuel and minerals. Bananas are always on hand but bringing your favorite energy bars / goos / energy tablets, and plenty of them, is a good idea.
  3. Lunch break: some down time with breads, fruits, mixed nuts and fluid.
  4. Afternoon snacking as per the daytime snacks.
  5. Dinner: plenty of carbohydrates with a meat / sauce / vegetables.

Please note that people with special dietary requirements can normally be accommodated, but let Adventure International know if you have ANY allergies or dislikes.


Packing List

Click here for the recommended packing list.



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