What would happen if you combined your reasons for running with ours?

 "I am a runner. I've been a runner since 9, thats 23 years for anyone wanting to know. The clarity it gives me, the peace, the ability to feed my competitive nature - these are all reasons why I love running. With that being said, I run for much more than myself. I run for orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania, I run to advocate on behalf of QUALITY education. It's a human right and I am on a quest to make it possible for as many people around this world."  

Meghann Gunderman, TFFT Founder & Executive Director, 8X Finisher of Kilimanjaro Half Marathon   


Ready to make those miles more meaningful?


Run the TCS NYC Marathon: November 3, 2019

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Why you should run with Team TFFT: Guaranteed entry, give your challenge a new meaning, one on one fundraising support, exclusive insights in TFFT's work

One spot left! Fundraising minimum is $3,000.

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Email Katie@TheFoundationForTomorrow.org with questions.







Past Races

Kilimanjaro Half and Full Marathon: March 3, 2019

Kilimanjaro Marathon

A Key Event for Team TFFT.


United Airlines NYC Half: March 17, 2019

United Airlines NYC Half Official Charity Partner

Fundraising minimum is $1,000.


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