On Sunday, Team TFFT athletes, led by ten dedicated supporters, The Foundation For Tomorrow (TFFT) scholars, and TFFT staff will be running the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon in Arusha. By participating in this uphill race, each Team TFFT athlete is working towards making it possible for children to receive equal access to quality education. We are inspired by the extraordinary individuals participating in this event as we tackle this uphill race, united in passion and purpose for a more equitable future. By raising funds and awareness for TFFT’s work, our participants are serving as ambassadors both on and off of the racetrack! It is an uphill climb towards making equitable access to quality education a reality for each child in Tanzania, and the miles that Team TFFT athletes put in matter because they bring us one step closer to this goal. We are thrilled to have supporters, both old and new, in Tanzania witnessing TFFT’s impact on the ground.

We have asked some of our runners to explain why they were compelled to travel to Tanzania to be involved in the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon and have collected their responses below! Please enjoy getting to know some incredible doers, donors, and door-openers!



Jane Caldwell

“I am so lucky to be able to travel to Tanzania next week as a TFFT athlete participating in the Kilimanjaro half marathon.  I have loved having a part in raising money for them as part of this very cool event! I am proud to know my friends at TFFT who have dedicated their careers to help vulnerable children obtain quality education.  To get to see their work on the ground in Tanzania is an amazing opportunity for me and I can’t wait to get there!”


Erin Boor


"I took a leap of faith when signing up to run the half marathon in Tanzania. I am a mom of 3 youngish kids and have been knee deep in raising my children which is a job I cherish everyday, but have not done much for myself in years.

A good friend and running buddy suggested this trip to me and I jumped on the idea. I quickly researched the foundation for tomorrow and was intrigued in learning more about the impacts for these underprivileged children in Tanzania. I myself am an educator and can’t wait to see what TFFT is making for the children and the community in Tanzania." 


Alli Murr

"As a former grade school teacher and a lover of running, I am excited to be able to pair the two together and share my passions with team TFFT’s mission. Also, I used to live in Colorado and I’ve always been fond of the mountains particularly one of the tallest in the world, so I can’t wait to run in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  There are certain things in this world that bind us all together and education, children, sports and God’s beautiful creations are 4 of them…I can’t wait to be a witness of what TFFT does and experience Tanzania and it’s people."


Meghann Gunderman Sehorn (Founder and Executive Director of TFFT) 

“Running is my peace, my time where schedules, deadlines, my anxiety, and worries just float away. Running in Tanzania is my peace IN my happy place. This is my 11th year running the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon. It is a wonderful event where an incredible mix of nationalities, and abilities put their hard work to test. Running to advocate for @TFFTAFRICA gives meaning and purpose to my miles. I am pumped to participate once again and be joined by a fabulous group of brave, caring individuals who also believe in powering the potential of our scholars and teachers! Geography shouldn't dictate the quality of education an individual receives, and our work through these runners is ensuring that is a new reality!”  


Laura Thompson (Grant Writer for TFFT) 

“While I am only running the Kilimanjaro 5K, not the half marathon, I am excited to be a part of this event.  It will be thrilling to run in the foothills of Kilimanjaro with the mountain in sight. The iconic view and the terrific group of Team TFFT runners will be inspiring and great fun as we run in support of TFFT.” 


Lauren Bolshakov

“I have loved getting to know the team of The Foundation For Tomorrow and seeing how they are changing the lives of these kids - I can’t wait to run with Team TFFT in support of them!! I would appreciate so much any contribution you can make to help support these vulnerable and orphaned kids!”

Thank you to these incredible women who are empowering orphan and vulnerable children in Tanzania to reach their full potential and thrive in their communities. Are you also interested in serving as an agent of change by participating in a Team TFFT event? We have many exciting races on the schedule for 2020! Check them out here and consider getting your heart racing for The Foundation For Tomorrow

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