We have already seen the TFFT family show up in big ways in 2020, providing the necessary support and resources to scholars during school closures. Don’t stop now! By running #TheFartherTogetherMarathon in 2020, you will join a unique group by running a marathon without the fanfare! While it sounds completely impossible, we are here to make it possible. 


HOW IT WILL WORK: On the weekend of your choice in October or November, you will run 26.2 miles! The how is up to you. 

A few ideas -

  • Do it all in one go! It might sound impossible, but why not take on a unique and difficult challenge to match this unusual year?! You will get bragging rights and Team TFFT swag to make the deal even sweeter.

  • Physically join other Team TFFT athletes to run The Farther Together Marathon together! We have groups of athletes this year in NYC, Chicago, Charlotte, and Charleston.

  • Enlist friends and family to join you along the way. We will provide Team TFFT swag for all of your pacers that pledge dollars and miles.

  • Go together! Run 26.2 in a relay with a team.

  • Break it up! Run 26.2 over the course of the weekend.

We will support you in developing a plan to make it feasible – a route, water, Gu’s, and bathroom stops.


Importantly, your 26.2 will be a feat of perseverance, resilience, and commitment of a different scale than a typical marathon. People will be inspired and eager to support your dedication. 

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. - African Proverb

Your feat will generate immediate impact. Every dollar you raise this year is critical. TFFT scholars are back in school after a three-month interruption. The team is dedicated to closely monitoring and supporting each scholar to ensure no time – or dream – is lost. Your fundraising right now is critical to the success of TFFT and ensures scholars reach their fullest potential. 

Let’s commit to doing the unthinkable! Join Team TFFT in running a virtual marathon while building the brightest future imaginable for orphan and vulnerable children in Tanzania.



Join The Farther Together Marathon Team


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