We get a lot of questions about what exactly RIDETZ entails. We've compiled a few of the most common to help you prepare for the adventure of a lifetime across Tanzania.


Question 1 — I really want to do RIDETZ but I’m not a cyclist! Can I really bike 400 miles?

Yes, you really can! If you are someone who is adventurous and interested in a challenge, you can take on RIDETZ. It's important to remember that RIDETZ is a journey, not a race. You can go the pace that feels right to you, stopping for a snack, to take a closer look at something, or to catch your breath. Once you sign up, we provide you with a training guide that can take you from zero riding experience to biking 400 miles across Tanzania.

Question 2 — Is it safe to camp outside in rural Tanzania? What about wild animals?

To the surprise of many, most of the wild animals you’ll see are just cows, goats, and the occasional camel. Animals like giraffes, elephants, and the cast of The Lion King are mostly in protected national parks. Each night, Adventure International also hires locals to guard the area...but if you are looking for lions, we can help you set up a safari after RIDETZ ends!

Question 3 — Do we have to set up camp after long days of riding?

Nope! The RIDETZ team works to ensure you spend every minute taking in your surroundings. When you arrive at camp each night, your tent is set up, showers are ready, and snacks are out while your dinner is being prepared. You will be woken up to breakfast in the morning and camp is taken down for you after you set out on your bike for the day. You can spend your evenings reliving the day with fellow riders over a Kilimanjaro lager, walking around camp and taking in the scenery, or journaling about all you’ve accomplished so far. All that is required of you each day is to fuel up, hydrate, and pedal! You, as well as every logistic, are taken care of by Adventure International’s outstanding staff.

Question 4 — What if I can’t reach my fundraising goal?

We know that fundraising can be nerve-racking, but just like coaches for the physical aspect, we also have coaches for the fundraising aspect of this adventure. You will be provided with a comprehensive fundraising guide, example letters, and social media posts to help you meet (or surpass!) your goals. 100% of past riders have reached their goal.


Anything else you want to know? Visit the RIDETZ page or Email Katie@TheFoundationForTomorrow.org

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